SUMP was carried out with high participation of internal and external stakeholders over a two-year period. In the workshops, focus group meetings, surveys and one-on-one interviews conducted within the scope of the study, particular attention was paid to ensure the participation of groups with low representation. Since the beginning of the study, 220 stakeholders have been involved in the project through 25 online workshops and other methods. In the last 6-month period, online workshops have been held in April and September 2021 160 stakeholders were invited, more than 80 of whom are outside of IMM, whose participation is continuous and thus well-versed in the process. In the first workshop at this stage, project proposals for policy packages determined by participatory processes within the scope of SUMP were received from the participants, and in the second workshop, comments on 26 projects grouped under themes and defined as main projects by the technical team and the priorities of these projects in terms of Istanbul’s transportation system were discussed.


The Future of Istanbul Transportation Expert Workshop
22,23,24 June, 3 July and 13 July 2020. Internal & External Stakeholders
Vision, Objectives, Indicators and Targets Workshop
14 October 2020
Policy Measures Workshop
25 – 27 October 2020
Internal & External Stakeholders
4 December 2020 – Expert workshop
Implementation Plan –  Workshops for Core Projects
17,24,25,26 March 2021
Implementation Plan – Sectoral Workshops for Core Projects
4 -8 April 2021
Implementation Plan – Core Projects Workshop
16 September 2021
Implementation Plan – Core Projects Prioritasion Workshop
With workshops, interviews and surveys, all of which are held online, under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic; A total of 255 stakeholders, consisting of representatives of municipalities, district municipalities, NGOs, IMM, private sector, academics and operators, were reached and feedback and contributions were received from 134 stakeholders.
According to the principle of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, 73% of Underrepresented Groups participated.
IMM SUMP Team, which includes participants from 23 different IMM directorates and affiliates, especially Transportation Planning, was established.
Regular coordination meetings, workshops and Capacity Building activities are carried out with SKHP Training Modules.
Bicycle, Pedestrian and Sustainable Urban Mobility Office were established under the IMM Transportation Planning Directorate.